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About site

I have long been engaged in writing music. I write rap beats to order. Well do not just rap beats, and even different styles of music. Academic, pop, jazz, rock, pop, rock, etc.
But I prefer and I love hip-hop. So I decided to open the site, where I lay out my work, so who needs to know to go here and download free rap beats.
Instrumentals I'll lay out in several formats, mp3 320, wave and track (on tracks). As well as the components of the minus sign, ie the samples, so you can download the entire project only beat the source and make your placement who can. Wave format, samples or out tracks will upload only if someone asks, through the contact form. And so will only mp3 320

Who can not use samples, and for an additional fee is not much I can do this, change the alignment and minor changes.
All copyrights and beats writing by me. And those hip-hop instrumentals, that is not mine, I will write whose and where I got them, ie who created them from downloads etc.
Each will be free beats a detailed description. His arrangement, tempo, which it used the tools, etc. Before downloading the beat, you can listen to his demo ... so it will be easier to choose something that interests you and that is the cue ball has to download

So, summing up what I represent on their website:

1. Free rap beats
2. Free hip-hop samples
3. Without registration and SMS backing tracks
4. Large database of rap beats, which will be updated almost daily
5. Exclusive Hip Hop beats written by me
6. You get all the source code for the instrumental and can make your arrangement beats

For those who want their own exclusive rap beat, I can do this in order for a fee. This is a different story, so it's already write to me personally, in the Contact section where you can contact with me.

free rap beats

On the site there were innovations that are now available for download beats (buy) a short message.
Just now I uploaded beats one in two formats, a qualitative (studio) wave format and quality mp3 320 format, all this is packed into the archive. Maximum download speed, no ads, no expectations to immediately begin downloading instrumentals